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Sexual Synergy Erotic Stories & Love Poems


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Sexual Synergy: Erotic Stories & Love Poems shows you that Romance should be savored. Hopefully this book will spark a fire and romance for everyone who reads it. 


About s.l.butta

Who is S.L. BUTTA

Native Detroit author S.L. Butta is a poet and writer of Erotica.  Her first book is titled Sexual Synergy:Erotic Stories & Love Poems.  

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The acronym S.L. stands for Smooth Like and Butta is the slang term for butter.

S.L. Butta is a Native Detroit Author.  She has always loved reading and writing stories from an early age.  She enjoyed high school English class because she discovered you could use your imagination and write about anything, you could be who you wanted to be, or you could be someone else; that was amazing to her. S.L. Butta went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in English from Marygrove College & M.B.A. for Salem University.


As a hobby she would write different types of stories for fun and put them in a box in her closet.  S.L. Butta’s girlfriends always told her she should publish some of her stories and let others enjoy them, instead of letting them collect dust.   She finally decided to listen.


Her first release, Sexual Synergy: Erotic Stories & Love Poems focuses on sex with substance. The stories are smooth, romantic, seductive and powerful. And S.L. Butta hopes these stories will have those same affects on her reader’s sexual relationships.

Upcoming Books

Working on Sexual Synergy 2 coming August 2019